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Hello and Welcome. My name is Elizabeth. I have served children in Bolivia, Peru, Panama and the United States. A graduate of Universidad Santa Maria in Arequipa, Peru, I taught on many levels: pre-school to adult Ed; ESL and Biology/Chemistry, but my favorite is still First Grade. Today, I write for children, and do author visits to schools by SKYPE. Thank you for visiting.
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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Wonderful World of Writing

Another great day of fun!  Had a visit to a Fourth Grade in Tacoma, Washington.  I presented a Power Point on Writing.    It includes a bit about how writing got started even when there were no pencils or paper, let alone computes, tablets, and iPhones. Then, there are so many kinds of writing, ways to classify them, and so many exciting things to write about.
After the presentation on writing, I read part of a chapter from my book, SECRET MELODY.
The question period intrigued me. These Fourth Graders had many questions.  One that would not have been asked when I first began to write was, "Do you use a program for your writing, or do you use Microsoft Word?"
I do use Microsoft Word.  I didn't mention that I also use Palmer Method.
This Fourth Grade group impressed me with the number of questions they had. I think there may be some serious writers among them. They asked,  "How many times do you revise your writing?'
Now, that's a serious writer who knows that real writers revise, revise, and revise.   


"Combobbled SKYPEr gathers her wits!"


A visit to a First Grade in Tuckerton, NJ, proved a delightful surprise.  I thought I was about to plan the visit.  However, the computer manager answered the SKYPE call with, "Good Morning, First Grade is waiting."  There they were --  a great group of children with eager looks on them. Four adults were present, too. One was the grade teacher and I wasn't certain who the others were. 

 I was a bit combobbled, but quickly able to gather my wits and read the story of the Pharaoh and His Toothbrush.  Seems it was READ ALOUD week and the little ones were waiting for a story.

I was happy to visit them. Children are so great! And I do enjoy any teaching moment!