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Hello and Welcome. My name is Elizabeth. I have served children in Bolivia, Peru, Panama and the United States. A graduate of Universidad Santa Maria in Arequipa, Peru, I taught on many levels: pre-school to adult Ed; ESL and Biology/Chemistry, but my favorite is still First Grade. Today, I write for children, and do author visits to schools by SKYPE. Thank you for visiting.
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Monday, June 17, 2013

How Children Make Peace

Salvadoran Children Choose World's Seven Wonders
Excerpt from La Salvadoreña Newsletter, July 2007

In 2007, as the world was waiting for the new listing of "Seven Wonders of the World" to be revealed, a group of children at The Children`s Peace Library (Biblioteca de La Paz) in Soyapango, El Salvador. were asked what they would consider to be the Wonders of the world. After some quiet reflection and occasional laughter and giggles, the following are what they named as the world’s WONDERS.

to sing, to pardon, to smile,
to play, friendship, to laugh,
to make peace
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