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Hello and Welcome. My name is Elizabeth. I have served children in Bolivia, Peru, Panama and the United States. A graduate of Universidad Santa Maria in Arequipa, Peru, I taught on many levels: pre-school to adult Ed; ESL and Biology/Chemistry, but my favorite is still First Grade. Today, I write for children, and do author visits to schools by SKYPE. Thank you for visiting.
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Skype in the Classroom

                               Photo by Shirley King

To see a video of characters in my books, click on link below


This blog began as a collections of stories about how children make peace. I am still collecting such stories. However, from now on, I will be posting experiences with Skype in The Classroom.  This is a website that coordinates visits to classrooms all over the world by using SKYPE for video calls. 

I joined it recently because when I read about it in one of my writers groups. I didn't know anything about SKYPE except that it was a way of communicating over the internet.

I uploaded the program. Then, I learned my laptop needed a microphone/camera gadget.  For about the last five years, laptops have included that hardware, but my mine is older. Happily,  a friend had one I could attach. Set up for SKYPE, I canvassed Maryknoll Sisters to see who uses this program.   When I found a few users, the next step was to practice.

After the first fright of seeing myself online, I discovered settings that allow me to change the lighting and contrast. A light directly behind me gives the background a pink cast. A lamp at a distance makes it blue.

I thought I was all set until I noticed that the background needed a little decor. I am still rehearsing and discovering new details about SKYPE, but I am almost ready to publish my first lesson. After that I just wait until a teacher who wants an author visit contacts me.  

Of course, I am also open to invitations from others, The visit is geared to children 3 to 5, but also for older children in ESL (English as Second Language) groups. How about one in your area?

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