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Hello and Welcome. My name is Elizabeth. I have served children in Bolivia, Peru, Panama and the United States. A graduate of Universidad Santa Maria in Arequipa, Peru, I taught on many levels: pre-school to adult Ed; ESL and Biology/Chemistry, but my favorite is still First Grade. Today, I write for children, and do author visits to schools by SKYPE. Thank you for visiting.
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

My First Skype in the Classroom Author Visit

Elizabeth V Roach
 My First SKYPE Visit
Yesterday, I did my first author visit by SKYPE to a kindergarten class at St. Francis de Sales Catholic School in Newark, OH. What a delight!
Beforehand I had done a test visit to check connections. Then, yesterday, I connected with the class. The teacher immediately advised me the children were very excited about this event.  And they truly were. I introduced myself and greeted the children and their teacher.
I did a little motivation for a story, then read from my book SEVEN STORIES. The book contains seven stories and I read one of them, The Pharaoh and His Toothbrush to the children.  They were so attentive. When I finished I asked a few questions and the teacher asked where I got my ideas for stories.
The children were so responsive. Every question I asked, they gave me a great, "YES!"
Now another class in the same school wants to hear the story, too.
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